Main competition venue: 21/2 Universitetskaya Str., Surgut

The competition venue is indoor aquatics center included 50m pools and many premises for different activities as weightlifting, acrobatics and gymnastic rooms.
Main competition pool is indoor pool with dimensions of 50 x 25 m. The capacity of tribunes is about 500 spectators. The OC will prepare one more prefabricated tribune for 250 spectators.
Warm up area (only for swimming) is planned to be in the 25m pool (depth 1.10-1.80m) which is in the same complex. Warming up with the balls (20 minutes) will be given to the teams before each game.

Training venues:

Swimming pool 25x25m size, 2.20m depth. The location of the pool is 15 min from the competition venue and team hotels (